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  • Do you want your kids to learn a unique skill that is proven to boost their confidence, grades, happiness, and quality of life?
  • Are you just beginning your search for kid’s guitar lessons and don’t know where to start?
  • Are you frustrated trying to search for the best quality guitar lessons in the Elk Valley?
  • Do you want to expand your kids’ creativity and passion for music?


I know how you feel, other parents have told me how they felt about similar thoughts and experiences. You want your kids to grow, learn a unique skill, and most importantly, be happy. What I have found is that the most important factor in how much fun your kids have playing music depends on who (or what) is teaching your kids.

Some parents have mentioned to me how challenging it has been to find a reliable teacher that takes an interest in the lessons and their kids. Others have told me about online courses and guitar video games that held their kids’ attention but they never really learned anything from the courses.

If your kids are new to playing guitar it is critically important that you find a teacher that enjoys teaching kids and has helped other kids learn to play the guitar before. The beginning stage is the most important point in your kids’ musical education; with the right guidance, your children can be the kids that continue playing and enjoying music for the rest of their lives.

The Difference Between Struggling With Frustration And Learning With A Smile:

At Elk Valley Guitar Lessons I know how important a quality musical education is to you and to your kids’ growth. My number one goal with every student in every lesson is to make lessons fun and exciting. I have found that when children are excited and having fun playing guitar, making massive amounts of progress comes naturally.

At Elk Valley Guitar Lessons I understand that your kids’ learning process is slightly different than other kids. That is why I develop a customized lesson plan for each and every individual student that fits their goals, wants, need, and challenges so that they learn and progress in the fastest and funnest way possible.

I will take a geometric approach to teaching your kids how to play guitar. This approach helps to make learning guitar actually fun and not stale or boring. The ultimate result of this approach is two-fold:

     1) Your kids will be much happier, more fulfilled, and more confident with themselves as a person and guitar player. And,

     2) Your kids will consistently progress much faster as guitar players and musicians over other methods of learning (such as reading books or watching YouTube videos).

My solution to all of your questions and concerns is to make guitar lessons for kids as fun, dynamic, flexible, and immersive as possible while still remaining progress oriented at the root.

Luke and Jesse Elk Valley Guitar Lessons

I’m most excited about all of the stuff I can do on guitar. Guitar is one of my favourite things!

– Jesse (9 years old)

I like playing theme songs like Star Wars and Mario. I like doing the picking. You get to have fun and learn new things and have the best teacher ever!

– Luke (11 years old)


Hey, I’m Bryce Gorman and I’ve helped other kids like yours learn to play music and have lots of fun in the process. I passionately Elk Valley Guitar Lessons Bryce Photoenjoy helping children learn to play guitar and put a smile on their faces. It is my daily focus to create the best guitar lessons in the Elk Valley so that your kids can take advantage of the huge benefits of a musical education.

The Elk Valley is my home, and I want to create the best musical experience possible for everyone here to enjoy. Some of the best times of my life have happened as a direct result of my ability to play music and I want your children to experience those same feelings.


Help your kids develop creativity, talent, and so much more with Elk Valley Guitar Lessons

Benefits of Elk Valley Guitar Lessons Kids Guitar Lessons

  • Customized Lesson Plan ensures steady and proper long-term growth
  • Learn a unique skill that also improves math and science scores
  • Relaxed and focused learning environment keeps your kids engaged and having fun every single lesson
  • Gain confidence to play in front of family and friends
  • Proven teaching strategies to help your kids grow in the fastest way possible as musicians
  • Develop self-discipline through practicing and persistence
  • Explore your kids’ creativity through learning, training, fun exercises, and games

92% of guitar teachers have NO professional training at all.
At Elk Valley Guitar Lessons,
I do.


“I don’t have a background playing guitar so I’m not able to help Liam learn to play… but ultimately Liam has been able to learn to play guitar through Bryce.

Bryce has taught Liam with enthusiasm and excitement, and Liam really likes Bryce. I like that Bryce is involved, he’s excited, and he is very good with the kids.

Liam has been very happy, he is very proud of what he can do on the guitar, he has lots of fun playing, and he enjoys coming to practice.”

Robyn – Liam’s Mom

“…Bryce has great teaching skills,with the children especially. Bryce is good at motivating them to do it again, try hard and be the best that they can.

Bryce isn’t hard on them but they’re not getting away with anything either. There is learning to be done and it should be done in a fun way, that’s how Bryce teaches.”

Amy – Mycah’s Mom

With Elk Valley Guitar Lessons you don’t have to worry about quality because I offer the best musical education in the area. Flexible scheduling fit you and your kids’ needs from week to week.

I am so confident that your kids will have fun and be inspired playing guitar that I’m offering you a FREE Introductory Session so that we can get to know each other, your kids’ wants and needs, learning style, songs that they may want to learn, and create the best plan to get your children having fun today!

Let me help you. Here is what you need to do next:

  1. Scroll down and click the big green button,
  2. Next you will answer a few simple questions that tell me about yourself and your kids and what he/she would like to learn on guitar. This will help me start tailoring your children’s own custom lesson plan.
  3. You are done! Once I have reviewed your child’s evaluation form I will get in contact with you to set up your child’s Free Introductory Session.

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