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Are you searching for guitar lessons for your kid and thinking:

  • I want my child to get the massive benefits from learning to play an instrument
  • I want my child to take lessons but I’m unsure if they will stick with it
  • My child has always wanted to learn but we could never find a (qualified) teacher
  • I don’t know if my child has the focus to stick with guitar lessons

I know how you feel, as a parent myself I understand that you want the best for your child and that you want them to have the best chance to succeed in everything they do. I’m guessing what you really want is your child to have a fun and memorable childhood.

Many other parents have expressed concerns like these to me, so you’re not the only one that has had these thoughts about hiring a guitar teacher for their child.

I’ve found in my years of teaching that the reasons why so many kids don’t have fun in lessons and quit guitar within the first year has 99% to do with the teacher, the learning environment he/she creates, and the training he/she has on teaching children guitar.

The 3 Reasons Children Dislike Guitar Lessons And Eventually Quit:

1) They learn from an amateur teacher (who has a day job) who has ZERO training on how to teach kids guitar.

Most amateur teachers simply don’t have enough time on their hands to think of and create fun, progress-oriented lessons. Without the proper time and training needed to make fun and exciting lessons for kids, most children don’t stay engaged for more than 2 or 3 months.

2) They ONLY learn from a public school teacher who has ZERO training on how to teach guitar to kids.

These teachers learn “how to teach” but they never ever learn “how to teach guitar to kids”, which is its own skill. Being a good guitar player does not equal being a good guitar teacher. Being a good math teacher does not equal being a good guitar teacher.

3) They try to teach themselves on YouTube or with some guitar video game.

Imagine a child trying to teach himself hockey by watching YouTube videos or by playing NHL on his Xbox. Would you expect that child to develop into a really good hockey player? Of course not, you would hire a hockey coach to teach your child.

Would you expect a child to become really good at a martial art by training to YouTube videos at home with no one else to practice/spar with? Or would you hire a master of the art that has proven results teaching other kids?

Would you expect a child to develop into a good swimmer by watching YouTube videos at home?

Would you let a doctor operate on you that got his “training” on YouTube?

If you want your child to play guitar for more than a few months, it comes down to having a professionally trained guitar teacher

I wasn’t to sure what to expect to be honest but compared to now, he knows how to play the guitar! He didn’t before. Korbyn and Bryce have a pretty cool relationship and they are pretty good friends. Korbyn’s confidence is sky high now, its great. Bryce is great. You wont be disappointed.

– Kari (Korbyn’s Mom)

Only At EVGL Do I Have The Training Needed To Help Your Child Have Fun Learning Guitar And Progress Faster Than Anywhere In The East Kootenays

I don’t make things fun for students just because, I make it fun because it’s been proven to help students progress faster which, in turn, means more fun on guitar too!

I remember being brand new to guitar and how much it sucked trying to learn on my own. Just having someone more experienced in the room with me to encourage me would have made a world of difference. Hiring a professional teacher was the best thing I ever did for my guitar playing and I want my students to feel the same way!

With Elk Valley Guitar Lessons There Are No Worries Of:

“if” they might like it or not…

“if” they will stick with it…

“if” they will enjoy the process…

They WILL Enjoy It Because I Will Make It Fun!

If your child is showing an interest in wanting to learn the guitar, make the best choice by hiring a professional with a good track record of helping kids have fun learning to play guitar.

Fernie Guitar Lessons Kids Guitar Lessons Liam F.

“I don’t have a background playing guitar so I’m not able to help Liam learn to play… but ultimately Liam has been able to learn to play guitar through Bryce.

Bryce has taught Liam with enthusiasm and excitement, and Liam really likes Bryce. I like that Bryce is involved, he’s excited, and he is very good with the kids.

Liam has been very happy, he is very proud of what he can do on the guitar, he has lots of fun playing, and he enjoys coming to practice.”

Robyn – Liam’s Mom

Hi, I’m Bryce Gorman.

Teaching guitar is my full-time profession and passion. I constantly dedicate myself to my students by continuing my teacher training every year, and by constantly working to improve the programs my students are a part of. I have been a part of the Elite Guitar Teachers Inner Circle program for over 2 years and have 7+ certificates of guitar training under me.

But that doesn’t really matter to you, does it?

What DOES matter is if I can help your child learn to play guitar while having lots of fun in the process. I can say again and again how I do this, but it’s better to hear from other students and parents how they are enjoying their lessons.

You can read, listen, and watch on what students are saying about Elk Valley Guitar Lessons here.

I teach students from all over the Elk Valley including Fernie, Sparwood, Elkford, Hosmer, the Crowsnest Pass, Elko.

See The Difference A Trained Professional Makes

Here's What Your Child Will Receive/Learn:Me:Other Guitar Teachers:
Their Favourite Songs
The Tools To Learn Their Favourite Songs On Their Own, At Any Time
Fun & Progress Oriented Lessons
A Teacher That Understands Kids Learn Differently Than Adults
A Teacher That Understands All Kids Learn Differently
How To Be Creative & Write Songs
How To Create Their Own Strum Patterns, Riffs, & Chords
A Full-Time Professional Dedicated To Your Child's Success
A Professionally Trained & Certified Teacher
Geometric Guitar Teaching Method
Organized & Customized Teaching Structure
A Safe Environment
Motivating & Inspiring Environment
Support & Guidance At Every Step
Perfect Practice Training
Rapid Results Training
Innovative & Fun Teaching Formats
A Teacher That Takes Daily Action To Improve The Quality Of Lessons
MASSIVE Out Of Class Support
A Lot Of Fun!

In Addition, Your Child Will Also Receive These Bonuses:Me:Other Guitar Teachers:
Personal Student Account
Monthly Audio Sessions
Personal Student Binder
The Getting Started "Welcome" Package

Frequently Asked Questions

“My kids and I are already on a tight schedule, are guitar lessons still right for my child?”

Definitely! I have a variety of programs and class times available to fit even the most hectic parenting schedules 🙂

“My child doesn’t have much of an attention span, will guitar lessons be too long/not engaging enough for them? Will I just be wasting my time?”

What I do is make each and every lesson fun and progress oriented to keep kids engaged for the entire time they are in class. More often than not, the children complain about having to go home! Even the antsiest of kids have fun and are engaged for the majority of the time they are in lessons.

“How old does my child have to be to start?”

I start teaching kids guitar at the age of 7, even if their birthday was just last week.

I like how Bryce inspires people and how good of a mentor he is. Bryce is a really good guy, he can get you to play, really, and its not too hard its just right and he’s a good mentor and he’s just a really good guy.

– Hayden (9 years old)

Hayden has a hard time sticking with things and Bryce has overcome the objections. Bryce is a positive influence and has really helped Hayden stick with guitar for as long as he has.

– Nikki (Hayden’s Mom)

Many Guitar Teachers Do Not Have The Training Needed To Teach Children Guitar

At Elk Valley Guitar Lessons, I Do

And I don’t stop there. I continuously invest into my training on a daily basis to improve the best guitar programs in the entire East Kootenays.

Bryce has helped me most with chords and my favourite part is to hangout with Bryce. He helps me out a lot of the time and I’m sure he can help you out, too.

– Kaelen (10 years old)


The thing he helped me the most would be that he showed me to put my thumb down so I can move my fingers faster. The lessons with Bryce are the best and you should try them.

– Jesse (10 years old)


The thing that has helped me the most is when I’m trying to learn something and I’m having troubles with something, Bryce always relates to me and how he overcome it and Bryce makes it a lot easier for me to overcome too.

– Isaac (14 years old)

Many parents over the years have told me that they were unsure of whether their child would enjoy guitar lessons or not. Every single child that has ever applied themselves in my classes, has enjoyed their lessons, left smiling, and wanting more.

Many of those same parents are surprised to find just how much fun their children are having in class while learning a skill-set that will improve their lives forever.

I Guarantee:

1) I will help you get started and make your child’s lessons fun and fulfilling from the start

2) I will have your child happy and smiling after their first guitar lesson

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P.S. Now is your chance to give your child the gift of music that you may or may not have had the chance to get. 20% of kids learn to play music, 70% of adults wish they had.

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