Attention Beginner Guitar Players:
You Will Have Fun Learning To Play The Guitar In Your First 30 Minutes – Guaranteed

Does this describe you and your situation? Do you think:

  • You want to play your favourite songs but don’t know where to start?
  • You might not know how to hold the guitar properly?
  • You don’t have the time to practice or play the guitar?
  • Your fingers are too short or long?
  • Your fingers are too big or too small?
  • You don’t know how to hold the pick?
  • You can’t change chords fast enough to play your favourite songs?… Yet

I know exactly how you feel. The feeling of putting off your dreams for too long at the back of your mind. You know you can be, do, and have so much more from your life but something is stopping you from making that one step forward. I know because I used to feel the same way. I used to feel like I had no time to practice or play the guitar.

Other students have felt the way that you feel RIGHT NOW. Other beginner guitar students in the Elk Valley have told me how frustrating it is to feel like they have no time to practice or play the guitar.

They have also said that they felt incredibly overwhelmed and even scared (yes, scared) with all of the options they have when learning to play the guitar.

Other students have said they were down right angry at themselves for having fingers that were too short/stubby/thick/thin to think they could play guitar.

Up to this point you may have tried a few different ways to learn guitar such as online courses, YouTube, forums like Ultimate Guitar, other local teachers, DVD’s (like the one that probably came with your guitar), books, and listening to other guitar playing friends’ advice. Many (if not, all) of these ways fail to get you the results you truly want. It is true that some of these ways will get you “some” results in your guitar playing, but they won’t deliver the massive results that you REALLY want in your guitar playing.

Quick question:

Do You Want To Struggle To Learn Your Favourite Songs, OR

Do You Want To Learn Your Favourite Songs As Easily As Possible?

If your answer is the first then stop reading now and leave this page. I do NOT work with students that want to struggle every step of the way when there are proven methods that work like crazy to deliver incredible results.

If you want to learn your favourite songs, achieve your goals, and get massive results in your guitar playing then continue reading.

Let’s look at these different ways to learn to play guitar up close and I will show you why most guitar players in the Elk Valley never truly learn to play the songs that they want.

Different Approaches To Learning Guitar That Don’t Really Work:

Online courses/books/programs: This approach will leave you (like it left me) with more questions than answers. Yes, you will learn a lot about music and guitar playing, however, most online guitar programs will never even touch on how to actually use that knowledge in your playing. Even more dangerous is the fact that online courses cannot help you spot problems in your own guitar playing and give you specific, actionable steps to get over those problems and challenges. With online courses you will be given a lot of “content” with no real way to use, practice, and master that content. If you want to learn to play songs, yes the internet is great. When you get stuck on how to stop a certain chord from buzzing and play the song the way it is supposed to be played, the internet is not so great.

Online forums: Online forums are filled with musicians that are not qualified to give you solid advice in your own guitar playing. They are just as frustrated as you are! You never know who is on the other side of the screen. It “could” be a qualified, trained, experienced teacher but it is most likely a 14-year-old who just got his guitar last Christmas. DON’T fall for any bad advice (and most of it is) that you read on public online forums.

Other local teachers: Most local teachers in any area are simply not qualified to teach. Many have been teaching for a number of years and have gained their experience by “experimenting” on their students. You don’t want to be a guinea pig for a number of obvious reasons. Search for the teacher in your area with training from the industry’s leading professional. You want a teacher that is patient, understanding of your challenges, knows how to get you over those challenges, and continuously invests in his/her own education as a teacher and musician.

DVD’s/books: Like online courses, DVD’s and books cannot help you when you get stuck on a specific problem such as changing from a G to a D chord. Many DVD’s and books are written in a very linear way, similar to learning math. The major flaw in this way of teaching music is that music is an art requiring a Geometric Guitar Teaching Method instead of a step-by-step logical approach.  While a linear learning process seems like common sense for learning something as deep as playing guitar, the truth is that a linear approach to learning music will leave you with more questions than answers. This results in becoming stuck, frustrated, little to no measurable progress is made, and ultimately most students end up quitting.

Listening to other guitar playing friends for advice: See “other local teachers” above for a similar discussion. Just because something worked for your friend does NOT mean it will work for you. This is why having a trained teacher who can help you with YOUR specific problems is critical to your success.

I thought guitar lessons were going to be like a drill, do this, do this, do this, okay we’ve got this now go do this. Elk Valley Guitar Lessons is my escape where I can come and pick up the guitar and learn something new, take it home and practice it. Bryce makes it where you want to learn and actually go home and practice!

– Justin G.

What About Something Different?

The solution to the frustrations, challenges, and questions in your mind does not have to be (and WILL not be) complicated. Elk Valley Guitar Lessons are the easiest, fastest, and most fun way to learn to play your most favourite songs and enjoy the process.

By having a customized process built specifically for you, you can (and will) reach the goals you set out to reach. I don’t teach guitar, I teach YOU! That means at Elk Valley Guitar Lessons I listen to you, your frustrations, your challenges, your goals, your wants, your needs, and I put all of that information into a system. Then I boil it down, look at the information you have given me, and build you guitar lessons that will take you from where you are now to being the one-of-a-kind guitar player that you want to be.

Listen, I’ll tell it to you straight. If you do exactly what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it, how I tell you to do it, the same way every time you practice, you WILL become a great guitar player. The best part about all of this? I’m going to install that knowledge into your brain through teaching and coaching, then I will burn it into your hands and fingers through training and mentoring so you never forget anything I ever teach you!

You can (and will) learn to play your favourite songs and more when you take Elk Valley Guitar Lessons. There is no other option, that is my ultimate goal for every single student. I will not settle for less than giving you exactly what you want in your own guitar playing. You can expect me to give it my best to help you get over your challenges and frustrations. I also expect you to give me your best as well.

With Elk Valley Guitar Lessons we won’t just be learning songs, I will be holding your hand through the entire process of becoming a one-of-a-kind guitar player that can play any song you want.

Whether you feel like your hands are too big or too small, there are specific strategies to help you overcome those difficulties and challenges in your playing. We will go deep into the causes and effects big/small hands have on your playing and DESTROY those handicaps from the very first lesson onward.

The same concepts apply to you if you think your fingers are too stubby or too long. I have specific strategies to show you (and train you) how to get over those challenges.

Chords are a major source of frustration for beginner guitar players and the D chord has ended many music careers before they began.

This is why I created the proven Mastering Chords And Chord Changes lesson plan. Together we will DESTROY your chord playing challenges and frustrations forever! You will learn the 3 simple yet highly effective strategies for mastering ANY chord and/or chord change.

Hi, I’m Bryce Gorman. I help other beginner guitar players in the Elk Valley like you learn to play their favourite songs and more. Every day I take ordinary people like you by the hand and transform them into one-of-a-kind guitar players. I take students by the hand through the process of learning and mastering their favourite songs and I don’t stop until you are completely satisfied.

I have been exactly where you are right now. Stuck in the mud, sinking, thinking of quitting, and having no way to pull myself out. I tried looking online, on YouTube, on Ultimate Guitar, and was constantly frustrated at the lack of direction those resources gave me. I wanted to play my favourite songs, write my own songs, jam with my friends, and master the guitar.

I searched and searched until I found a mentor that cared deeply about my success as a guitar player and a person. Now I want to transform the lives of my students like my mentor did for me.

I have studied and analyzed lots of ways to approach learning guitar. Some ways are better than others, some are completely backwards, and only a few key ways actually deliver the best results. It is my goal to share those few keys ways with you so that YOU become a one-of-a-kind guitar player that can play any song that you want.

The main thing I have found is consistently following one particular teacher’s advice, even if that advice is just “okay”, produces far superior results compared to learning music from as many sources as possible. This is the danger with learning from places like YouTube and Ultimate Guitar.

I had no idea what to practice, how to practice, and where to go to. After my lessons with Bryce I’ve learned a great practice regiment, it’s showing results, and I’m very looking forward to moving on.

You know what, you gotta go see Bryce and see where it takes you because it took me to a good place so I’m very happy with what’s going on with Bryce.

– John B. (60 years young)

Here Is What You Get From Taking Elk Valley Guitar Lessons:

  • A customized lesson plan built to deliver maximum results in the shortest amount of time possible. You will learn your favourite songs first while getting a complete musical education.
  • In Between Lesson Support so you can have your most burning questions answered NOW without having to wait for your next lesson saving you time and money PLUS you get faster results from having your questions answered NOW, not later.

  • A teacher trained and specialized in taking beginners just like you through the process of learning guitar and turning them into one-of-a-kind players.
  • Not only teaching (which is most teachers ONLY do) but training, coaching, mentoring, and step-by-step hand-holding so you actually have fun going through the process of learning and playing guitar.
  • The Geometric Guitar Teaching Method ensures you develop the skills YOU want in your guitar playing.
  • You will improve massively and consistently every single time you pick up your guitar and practice. You will be able to see with your own eyes these changes in your playing every single time you are finished practicing.
  • With your own Personal Online Student Account all of your lesson material will be documented so you never forget anything that you learn in your Elk Valley Guitar Lessons. You get to keep your student account forever, even if you decide to stop taking lessons with me.
  • You will learn to play the guitar the way YOU want!
  • You will learn to read musical notation and NOT tablature, putting you way ahead of most (92%) guitar players. This brings you closer to playing your favourite songs immensely faster than learning by tablature.
  • A fun, relaxing learning environment ensures you enjoy every moment you invest in lessons.
  • Learn to play your favourite songs and not only listen to them. There is nothing better than being able to play the songs you love.

Can I actually become a one-of-a-kind guitar player?

Of course you can. When students do what I tell them to do, when I tell them to do it, how I tell them to do it, and follow through on those instructions consistently, there is a MASSIVE success rate.

How long will it take me to learn to play the guitar?

This answer varies for everyone and depends on a lot of factors (such as practice habits, amount of practice time, desire to learn, age, the type of guitar you have). Students that consistently do what I say notice results from their very first lesson onward. Undeniable results occur after the first 9 months to a year of consistent lessons.

Should I buy an electric or acoustic guitar first?

Read my article on How To Choose Your First Guitar: Electric vs. Acoustic

How do you teach the lessons?

I base every lesson on your wants, needs, goals, challenges, and frustrations. Until I know more about you and what you want to achieve I cannot give you a definite answer. After we discuss what it is you want to achieve on the guitar I can give you a clear picture.

As a member of the Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle I have learned the best (and worst) ways to get my students the results that they want and desire. Only passionately committed teachers are allowed to join and stay in the Elite Guitar Teacher’s Inner Circle so you know by default that I want to make you the best guitar player that you can be!

In August of 2015 I successfully completed the Guitar Teaching Super Summit International presented by Tom Hess Music Corporation. 6 days of 8 hour days surrounded by the world’s best guitar teachers has motivated me to deliver the most value that I can for my students.

After we completed the 6 days we were presented with 5 guitar teaching certificates signifying the massive transformation we all went through. One particular certificate I am extremely proud of is the Rapid Results Guitar Training certificate. If you want to know what the other 4 are about, I would be happy to show you.

“Bryce pretty much figured out where I wanted to be and gave me everything I needed. He even taught me the beginning to a song that I thought I wouldn’t even be able to play at all and by the next day I had the strumming pattern and the first 30 seconds of the song down pat. Instead of having to learn a certain Mexican song or this one metal song and only knowing how to play that one metal song Bryce showed me that I could do whatever I want and I didn’t need to be afraid.” – Melyssa Monfee





You Want Massive Results, Right? Here’s A Bonus All Students Get:

Student Binder with the Getting Started Package (value $47)

  • Triple your practicing effectiveness (i.e. RESULTS) by having a complete binder with your materials laid out in an easy to find, easy to practice way.
  • The Getting Started Package will boost the results you get from practicing 3 times faster than if you simply have a binder stuffed with materials in a random hectic manner.
  • All of your lesson material can (and should) go right into this binder for ease of access, allowing you to keep the material forever, and keep your practice time focused and effective.
  • The Practice Log keeps you accountable to your goals so you reach your goals on time, allowing you to become the guitar player you want to be as fast as possible. Being focused on exactly what to practice, every time you practice has massive benefits to your playing.

Still Not Sure If Elk Valley Guitar Lessons Are Right For You?

To take away some of the hesitation you might be feeling I am going to offer you not 1, but 2 guarantees:

1) You will be playing guitar and having fun in your first lesson with me, guaranteed. I know for certain that you can and will become a one-of-a-kind guitar player. I have done it with many beginners before and I will make sure that you have fun learning to play the guitar too.

2) You will notice progress in your playing in the first 90 days or I will refund your tuition, guaranteed.*

*You must show up to 95% of your scheduled classes to qualify for this guarantee.

So here’s what you need to do right now:

1) Scroll down,

2) Click the button that says, “Tell Me About Yourself”,

3) Fill in the evaluation form on the next page so I can have a clear picture of what I can do to help you become the guitar player of your dreams.


P.S. You wouldn’t be here if you did not want to learn to play the guitar and have fun doing it. I CAN help you have massive amounts of fun practicing and playing but I have to know how I can help YOU. Think of what it is that you want to achieve in your guitar playing and Tell Me About Yourself.

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